—–In my neighborhood it is the topical segue that is favorite form of transition, not associations from the person’s memory, certainly not dialectical investigation. That is how we travel around here, how we get from one place in our talk, and in our thinking, to another. It is what is most often most enthusiastically praised, when someone accomplishes it: “nice segue”. This word just indicates the phenomenon (like Prousts “phenonenon of memory” Montanos Malady, pg 121); the reason for the popularity, indeed the necessity, of this procedure, in my neighborhood, is, I think, to be found in the actual novelty of the external world, and the consequent chaos of personal experience of it; thereby producing multiple unique images; further, analogies are cleverly made to current moods, contemporary appetites, etc, and these can be made respectively. Genuis, as we also know around here, is the ability to make analogies, which is to make cross overs from one subject to another. Everything is apples and oranges, so to speak, and seques are profuse; the talent for making segues is noticed, and it appears unexpectedly in people otherwise undistinquished. The term itself coming from music, and music being a familiar place where segues are made, people go out to listen to bands here with inordinate expectations. Cacaphony is preferable to impossible conversation. All the time I hear people complaining about how no one else can say anything, and they can’t express their thoughts; but still the naive remain in a state of expectation in regards to what they think is utterly of the moment.