Can you ask or expect to be recognised and applauded for writing things that are aimed squarely at penetrating mysteries that seem apparently to never have been dealt with, and that you yourself only glimpse as on a borderland of thought? Well, you could, if you were so naive as to assume many other people had been there already, and you were just bringing in the literary expression of this far-off land. And such a naivete might be necessary as a fortification, while you work on this excavation and monument. By the way, building the pyramids would not have been so difficult, if the stones were lighter at the time; they might also have been, these stones, very porous, which helps (and I say helps) explain why the Egyptians appear to be able to walk sideways, and through walls. It is as if they, the Egyptians were actually two-dimensional. Only later did the pyramids actually unfold, if you can imagine that! This reminds me of that cardboard Pirate Ship my grandmother gave me, that I got immediately at putting together right there on the rug, like it were an important assignment, at my grandmother’s house on Wellington Avenue–as the adults were humming and yawing and trading the silverware, way off in the dining room. I mean this stuff is barely expressible and you can’t just expect to bring it around and have other people go, “that’s so true!”