It’s a rare occurrence, since usually the traffic here in our medium-sized city is pretty scarce, even aimless, and the buses mostly empty, or carrying ghosts on their way to the Mall, or the Community College, but last week at some point I got totally hemmed in by a fleet of motorcycles, to my left, and a city bus wrapped in a cheeseburger. Now I don’t know if these windows are those one-way kind, like they have in police interrogation rooms, but I certainly hope so. If there are people, or ghosts, inside peering out, they would be looking at the drivers like myself, gazing up at the phenomenal bus. Our mouths are watering and agape, having received the message that we Must Eat Now. A thing impossible to do. I think I felt the taste of blue paint, and that was mixed with the smell of gas. I don’t remember what happened next. I must have had time (and the wherewithal) to take this picture, though.