—–“Sometimes you think, well what is the use of a breakthrough now? And this is because you think you should have had all breakthroughs before, if you have been such a truth seeker, that by this age, so venerable are you!, that you should be just sitting on the porch or something, with your feet up, looking at the flowers, basking in the summer.  Well!  This is all wrong, on two accounts: first, you were busy with other breakthroughs before, since every day you have had a sense of urgency, to be as aware as possible, your whole life.  And, even more importantly, despite your vigilance, the incoming of truth happens on its schedule, not yours. It happens whenever, and in whatever order,  and the thing is to be there at the time; it is not playing a game with you, rewarding or punishing you, but you are adjusting to it. Truth is like events, like history (I theorize), and the weather. Is that the phone ringing? I’ll get it!”