—–The original event is informing the recounting of it. In some sense it is still there, that event–for the secret thinker, and certainly the memory happening now is time-stamped. There is a core to this event which is not to be altered, it is fixed there like a stake in the ground. But what ground? We don’t ask, but we throw a rope to the past and begin, as it were, to pull it towards us; or pull ourselves slowly toward it. And the received content is open to association. This capability we find, to associate the event with other things, if exercised, builds different worlds around the event that started the recall, and in the reorganizing of your life you are free to grab, you are rightful. This occurs only in thought, that is your own, which builds with these materials quite unfettered and unique to the person. Who else knows what relates to this event, but you? The time-stamp is flexible, it marries with other content than what is stuck in any particular location. It can even drag in events before the original, to nicely foreshadow, or threaten the possibility, and it can certainly use anything that is good for a reverberation, or commentary if that is your talking style.  Meaning, I want to say, is merciless, for it is devoted to deepening the first mystery of a person. Deepening, not finishing, for eventually it will all relate, don’t you think?
—–Oh, we are doomed to be profound, I saw it all along. Thus, in this haphazard process, memories find and correlate and cling to one another from disparate years, and are pulled in from any location they choose. They are rallied into the causal spirit of the original event–which, as I said, has put down an anchor. Now anything remembered is an an anchoring presence in your thoughts. Thought alone can handle this situation! Elements of other memories are moved to join the new compound, and even the teller himself is swept up. So that we live, largely, in the past–the time spent that our singular lives have granted us, already, before we even thought to become desperately organized in our thinking.
—–You can never catch up, for life is coming up from behind you to overwhelm you with its significance. How else could it build, except by catching you unaware, and then ultimately flattering your ability to think, and preen yourself on your own special awareness. Oh, do not say you are not a secret thinker.