——It is thinking back from reality, not thinking towards it. It is fundamentally granting that the situation of the mystery is truth, and being able to reason from the reality of that truth, not acting as if truth were to be found, but thinking according to the truth established. The thinking now occurring is able to posit death as an illusion of weakness in the subjective spirit, regardless, in fact on account of, its history of failure in that exact project. The narratives that unfold are exactly the story of the attempt to understand what has already happened. Everything that seems like truth is truth; it is being able  to operate on that continuing set of assumptions, including the emotional assumption of life as a forward sufficiency, which somehow in many stories is the keynote. There is a tremendous difference between reasoning from reality, and reasoning towards it. The trick is to realise that reality is what is known, and to think from knowledge, not think of knowledge as something being sought. It is to be reckless and  certain that because of the mystery of the situation, everything is true. The mistake that one has made is in the shape of the story. Always too much time has elapsed, and always the time of the guilt presses one to think they have already failed.  One says to admit that now means I have done nothing for too long. But time does not pass on that issue. Look how your happy personality prevails. It is not exactly common for people to act as if they live in a historical world. People are doomed to some subjective strangeness, as if life were one experiment they were subjected to. But when you talk to them you see they hold out for another eternity entirely. They believe they are alive, and yet not in this reality is this proven. Some few of us have taken on the idea that this reality endures, and we are the most impassioned for this reality now. We do incredible things–