——Right from the beginning, life was a distraction from more important business. You can tell from pictures of him as a baby that he didn’t intend on being distracted from the main issue. Which was: what is happening here?  You can tell from the look on that baby’s face that he is seriously concerned about something.  Naturally the possibility arose that life was not an incidental distraction, but somehow the answer to the question which being born had already caused, or brought up, so to speak.  If he could speak, he would endeavor to explain possible harmonies..  But maybe not, maybe life was not central to the mystery, but a side issue. A detour.  In any case, the important thing to note was which dilemma came first, to keep the order of his thoughts. And the older he got the more it appeared that everyone else had experienced these dilemmas in reverse order,  they were actually satisfied at first, and only noticed somewhere along the way that life was incomplete–that only during life did they begin to wonder what it was finally about.  Instead of being born with the actual ability he had, to order his thoughts . . .  It was like he was always encountering people only to say farewell to them, as he went onward, and they slunk back.