——What we do is we choose one of these photographs, and hoist it onto the slide screen, we randomly take one from the special collection marked New World, like that one of Tulips and Droids, or maybe this shot of the billboard I just took from the car of Monroe Ave. And then we launch into any topic that has been laying around, like waiting for consideration, any topic at all, sirs, perhaps it is quite trivial. Then, relaxing, we see if we can’t work that topic around to a reference to this photograph before us. Do you understand this ecstatic procedure?  Actually we can make it even more random, and first pick a paragraph from our pile of topic paragraphs which we have been collecting for a few years now, as also the photos themselves have been piling up, and then proceed to rifle through the photographs, stop on one and then build a theory, like to rationalize its use. Either way, it is work. The association is not clear to begin with, there isn’t any association to begin with, we have to find the association by continuing to talk on the topic and finding a way to make it so this photograph is an adequate, perhaps even a perfect, illustration. Or that the topic is finally revealed to be all based on the photograph–which was certainly not true at all, to begin with, but now appears to be true, solid and irrefutable. And, I say, isn’t any less true because we have revealed our methods now.  The easiest photograph to explain in this series is the one that jumped right out, I mean I couldn’t believe it when I took it–the one titled: “Tulips and Droids”.  It virtually created its own topic! It spawned a whole new way to look at the world, at least the landscape out here at the Brighton-Henrietta town line (best if you are armed with a camera). The first shot in a slideshow to be called: Photo-Nihlism. And from this point on, everything is random match-ups, as we just explained, the luxuriant text explaining the utterly inexplicable sight before us. Our methods seem backwards, even crazy, yes, but it will appear we have created a most masterful sort of slideshow. Next, hopefully, we will add music and present it live in the new Stage Poetry Company theater, which itself, though, is yet to be completed. In fact we haven’t even located the site for it at this time. But that, like everything else in the new world, will happen eventually. In the old world, everything was a commentary on what seemed to exist from the dull as dull past, that terrain always confoundedly out of reach, never on the plane of actuality, never seen. But in the present world everything is coming into existence, realities that need an explanation!, sirs, right before our eyes, and the topics of the past will be recycled in this process so that they, too, will seem to exist for the first time.