——Is fame bestowed, or realised first within the person? I think one always becomes famous in their own eyes, takes increase by virtue of their own ambition, before anyone else gives them recognition–at least the kind of recognition they can accept, which must come close to matching their own self-image, their own standard.  So, it is all a wash; one gets just short of what one thinks they deserve, and remains running. If in fact anyone is truly famous in their own eyes, if they have been free enough to posture and admire their own ambition, and be amused with the results, from the distance which life provides, which is what counts, which is the epitome of a reflective mind, they never will be satisfied with always cheaper worldly credit. But they will not scoff,  it will only occur to them that if the world has recognized them, it should then supply them with concomitant riches, and of course the means to spread the news of their existence far and wide. That all might then greatly benefit-from the proliferation of their work. (No one even considers the issue, of course, unless they are known to themselves as the creator of great work.) The stranded genius, who is so inwardly confident, is forever poor, relatively speaking, when he considers the debt he owes the world. For of course it was the world that gave him cause, to set out on the path towards glory, it was the world that was the assignment. Was it not? Once cold fame ensues, me bethinks it irreversible, and the calculations of such a status, having begun, in fact, before anyone even noticed he was so assiduously working–well!, one cannot return the compliments fast enough.  Thus exposed, the famous one will always desire more riches, and want to be appreciative of the public weal, than ever before. Tears are in his eyes, the debt can never be repaid. This can be observed in every case.  Even I, who have only achieved fame in my own eyes, fervently dream of a material fortune, and galloping reputation, while knowing I will always outrun them both–because I talk way too fast and have topics galore. Well now!