——All through history people have sagely envisioned the world, the very ground where they walk,  as a perennial stage set, as if a thing existing outside of time–to study, but not to doubt as to its . . . foundation. Powers and precedents beyond have hoisted up the backdrop, like a classroom map one could unfurl, and study. Mentally, all of time still is there, serving this the planet we live on. Every day people walk around with the image of the world existing as separately from themselves, for it is there, isn’t it, all the time they are hopping around? But as they silently say that to themselves, walking back to the car, walking towards the event which, in the close and reachable future, awaits their presence–still, in their minds they are already wondering, and remarking to nobody in particular, how it got this way. And how they got in the groove. The stability of things is quite lucky; it’s almost a secret that you have this ability at all, to survive a slice of time. You might say nothing ever really surprises you. Events roll off you, because the superior attitude is to take things with some caution. And resonate in your being, yes, the very thing you are thinking to talk about, there it is!  Though it is so . . . obvious.  All the words are leaning and partaking of it.  And I am plagued, for the enabling of the person who lights upon it, the world has to be so strangely familiar, and totally real just for them–or else!  I always fear for you, my friend, who are going to stumble right in the moment of your reckoning.  And the horizon will crack. It is only a patchwork of general theories, how we got here, and this photograph of the future I brought, for discussion, can it sustain our fury? The funny world has to be precise, for us to experience it, I know that. Life, it is a foil, a crushing sacrifice, a daily defeat of any proposed meaning that could go beyond the setting.  The little city, it is rigged up. The order of what happens is verily construed so as to give us all triviality.  This is what makes us giddy.