Context is everything. Attributes, properties that belong to something are essential to it, and cannot be separated and remain as a reference for pundits and philosophers. The blinding lemon that a lemon is, is a different thing once you propose to deal with it as separate from the object. No longer a property, it lacks the influence of what it was attached to when discovered in the alarming perception. It becomes, this lemon, an incitement, sheer danger, a chimera–whatever you can make of it. You have to keep the context in mind and the situation where things are discovered. Most especially–the motive of who is looking. This apparently obvious truth, however, is smashed in practice. For we are drowning in surface beauty, seduced by appearances, and attracted to novelty of any form. Awash with adjectives; the more misapplied, the more seductive.


I am suffering from an overdose of television crime dramas, though I avoid the hospital dramas. I figure this doesn’t really subtract from my time living. It’s like a meditation, a vacation. This stuff is sensationally mixed up. I particularly like it when CSI’s Horatio pauses while putting on his sunglasses; and then again, while taking off his sunglasses. See now! Evidence from a forensic crime lab is used as indisputable proof of what actually happened in a finished event. Okay viewers! The blood left at the scene has the same DNA as the accused, and that gets him.. Both samples leave their identical tracks. Is this what has happened? The newspapers confirm it the very next day, in a similar case from real life. We are to be convicted by the effects. In fact the drama is based on the zealous pursuit of this evidence, and the victory is recorded as one for science. But it was all scenical, and we never knew why it happened; the slaughter, I mean. Then again, it is only television, not part of life. I mean no drama you or I were ever a part of. And the staccato supply of commercials comply, as mini-dramas of their own; with the same societal perpetrators, and the same hapless typecast victims.

Try switching channels, I mean switching focus. Context is everything.! Charting the possible future of a patient diagnosed with a blood condition, the outcome is not, we hope, fully determined. The man is not summarily convicted, and it is not so clear what will happen; because the whole context is unknown, as to whether this evidence is essential to that person, or an attribute out of context.Seems logical to say it that way. Another aspect of that person may have an antidote in readiness to address such a possibly temporary, conditional flaw. This science must know in what direction it is looking, and not assume a trajectory in the future based on what is a seemingly learned inevitability. One would think. Medicine invites further opinion, and admits reversal and miracles even–which are just things not yet able to be put in perspective. It must keep a premise and a promise that the future is not certain. This is wise.


And yet, hospitals ring the city! Modern medicine is failing so badly we need insurance companies, which also sing their illogical jingles on TV. Keep me strong while I study this matter; in the back of my mind I am slightly worried I might ossify in my chair, watching these crime dramas which are not a part of life, I maintain, and do not waste hours of time . . . Your favorite criminologist rests his case on finished facts of evidence. It can eliminate a suspect, or point to one. Blood on the drapes. Poison in the lemon juice (I like that one). It has no choice but to be obsessed with finding out what actually happened from trace evidence. What actually happened! A dire concept indeed. Even if it makes mistakes, its procedures are inviolate, because the conception of the past is that it cannot change. It is finished. Told by the effects, if need be. Maybe some intellectual will explain the general trends going on in this society where the qualifiers have drowned out the original quantity.

Distinctions should be everything! Medical labs and crime labs: These are two different places, using the same data bases but looking in different directions. Which means that one is never fated in the same way that one is guilty. And even if in the world this distinction is blurred, to the point where one is offered and sold a pill that is advertised as being capable of preventing pains that haven’t quite happened yet, as if curing your bad conscience–the person should know this difference. Subtract the drama of existence and there is no difference between a crime lab and a hospital. No distinction between conscience, which treads backwards, and consciousness, which is . . . somewhat blank!. Otherwise–no room to think. And nothing to do but wait for the fatal diagnosis, which is, for all implacable science knows, is the evidence of a crime surely and already committed.

So! We don’t live in a society in which a person with an illness is assumed to be the victim of their own bad deeds, or evil conscience. In the opposite case, we don’t assume a person accused of a crime is suffering an illness. Right. Unless of course specialists in exceptional cases come around to inform us that, indeed, the sick man has lost his mind and that is why he has committed a crime; or, in the opposite case, the guilty man is receiving some sort of mysterious retribution, and we should take heed we don’t follow him in his unlucky sinful ways. We don’t live in such a society! Ah, yes. People don’t secretly think others whom some terrible accident has engulfed has deserved it, after all, the way they were headed for a fall. And they don’t smartly reflect: that can’t happen to me. And they don’t lie in bed strapped down by unreasonable fear so out of context they can only hope it isn’t for them, the fate of others surrounding them by examples too numerous to mention and supplying those crime shows with all their storylines. We revel in watching what is not life at all. We know the difference between what a crime lab does, and a hospital! The chapel is not located around the corner from the Emergency Room. Stop, stop! A clean bill of health doesn’t mean you aren’t busy day and night designing and scheming your evil ways. A full confession, whatever that is, won’t get rid of your doubts which are really signs of utter decrepitude, eventually. Jesus!


Examples are flooding in! Context is everything, or something it is advisable to maintain at all times–I keep thinking. While ambiguity is everywhere, trumping that. If you look out your front window and there are two cop cars parked together, what does that mean? It can’t be good. Or maybe it is really good. All indicators say the society is all focused on quality of life and protecting what we have.. A recent study has shown that the dictionary has exponentially increased in it’s supply of . . . adjectives.